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"You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus"
~ Mark Twain

An email to you... - August 2015

Friends, some of you who are followers of Facebook are aware of this, however for everyone else: coming back from phenomenal performances at the Avignon OFF Festival (I truly had an international audience: Iran, Japan, China, Switzerland, Australia, USA, France, Italy, Argentina, Spain, just from folk I talked with) my Pelican road case with all the masks, costumes and so much more, was stolen.

Police reports were filed, insurance will cover about one third of the measurable loss, however, as we all know, the masks were unique.

'm sorry it's taken me so long to write to you all, Suburban Tribe supporters old and new. I was too sad and ashamed, and a very deep part of me still is. I also must apologize to all of you who joined this mailing list by adding your email to my red journal. That was also stolen with your addresses, some beautiful artwork and touching words. Mostly, I crossed through emails as I added them, but just in case, you all deserve to know. I hope whomever finds my journal is as inspired by your sentiments as I have been.

Upon telling this story, I've had more than a few, "when's the fundraiser?" "is there a GoFundMe?" to rebuild. I admit to doubt as to whether or not to rebuild; I'm still to raw to hear my heart and the Universe clearly. However, a few things have fallen into place, so...a small step towards rebuilding.

Monday Aug 24th, at 7:30pm Coho Theatre and Playwright's West (with whom I am currently playing Celeste in Dear Galileo) are generously donating the use of Coho for a fundraising performance.

Kate Mura Unmasked will be me performing Suburban Tribe with what I have left: a black unitard, the stories and sound cues, wearing the t-shirt I bought from the OFF. The outcome will inform how/whether I rebuild.

And my parents will be in town. They saw an earlier incarnation in Albuquerque last year and will see the newest version as well.

Thank you for reading. And I'm deeply sorry if my actions this month have lessened your trust.

Bonjour du Avignon France!!! - July 2015

It is slightly surreal to be sitting, typing from the lobby of the Hotel Mercure where I am about to perform Suburban Tribe for the first time in the Avignon OFF Festival. The moment I got off the train in Avignon, I was seeing flyers and publicity for the OFF. More so than for the ON festival which is also happening currently. Music and performers fill the streets while people dine in outdoor cafe's. C'est tres magnifique.

The Garage International, who invited me here, have a fantastic program. Ten different shows daily from all over the world and almost all in English (quite different for this festival) as well as dance, the international language of the body. The one show in French is from an Italian company! Et mi directeur, Rusty Tennant, successfully made it to Avignon, after a challenging journey, and shortly will enjoy his French directing debut!

Should you or anyone you know be in the south of France currently and want to see Suburban Tribe: Programme, I play through July 24th at 3:50pm every day. 15 shows in 15 days. Phew!

I am posting pictures and the like on my FB page. Feel free to browse if you don't already and a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this tour possible. Financially, it is impossible for this work to break even from ticket sales. So thank you to everyone who donated, passed on interest, and continue to do so. You are all magnificent! Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime.

Fuse Festivals: From the Funhouse to France! - May 2015

So much is happening friends! France is getting really real. Plane tickets are purchased, pick up rehearsals with director Rusty Tennant have begun and the fantastic collaboration of Gary Norman (photography), Janet Price (make-up) and Lee Moyer (graphic design) has yielded our new poster.

There are three chances to see Suburban Tribe in Portland, June 12, 13 and 14 at the Atelier Gallery in St. John. Purchase your tickets in advance here because the house only seats 40!

Otherwise, you'll need to meet me in Avignon this July. :-)

In the interim, I've been ground rigging more frequently with I.A.T.S.E. Local 28 and am finishing up dressing the local run of Phantom of the Opera.

And, as the header suggests, helping Fuse get the OUTwright Festival ready to kick off. With two musicals this year, including our centerpiece, Under the Influence at the Funhouse Lounge by Broadway lyricist Ernie Lijoi!

Spring is definitely busting out all over.

Happy Spring! - March 2015

Ostara is almost upon us, flowers and trees are blooming beautifully and eerily early here in Portland and I am thrilled to share Suburban Tribe has a new Tour Sponsor: Ronni Lacroute/Willakenzie Estate!

I am over half way to meeting the fundraising goal! And $23,000 is not a small number! Tax deductible donations may still be made through Fuse Theatre Ensemble (please put Suburban Tribe or Avignon in the memo) and mailed to 883 NE 90th Ave. Portland OR 97220 or through Box Office Tickets.

In other news, closing Jungle Book was a hard one. We had a sold out run, added two performances, and had a wide range of artists across mediums, ages and cultures who were all stellar. Children's theatre doesn't tend to get reviewed a lot, but we did get one. :-) My parents were even able to make it up, seeing the show five times! Because traveling is so hard with my dad, they don't get up to Portland as much as they would like, but this was a great visit. They wished for an earlier arrival, Mardi Gras Masque and Mayhem was the day before they landed AND my mom's birthday! I'm so glad she was born. Here's a little taste of Jungle Book for those of you who missed it, image courtesy of David Kinder.

AND March 21st I'll be the MC for Pagan Faire. Come join us celebrating Spring!

Laissez les bons temps rouler! - February 2015

It's almost Mardi Gras, which means it's almost Mardi Gras Masque and Mayhem! If you haven't gotten your tickets, you can do so here. If you're not sure what this is, read on!

Suburban Tribe has been invited to perform on the only English speaking stage of the Avignon OFF Festival in France this July. The grants this is eligible for don't announce until June, and there are a lot of upfront costs, some of which are being covered by Fuse, some of which will go on my credit card. To keep the latter as low as possible we're throwing a Mardi Gras party and fundraiser! :-)

Important Specifics:

• Location: Funhouse Lounge. 2432 SE 11th Ave. Portland OR, just north of Division. Street parking, bike parking, right on the #4 and #70 buses.
• Date: Tuesday February 17th. Yep, actual Mardi Gras!
• Time: 7pm - 10pm
• Cost: It's a fundraiser, but it's also Fuse, so tickets range from $3 - $3000! We're recommending $20 - $30 :-)

Fun Stuff:

Wear a mask, win a prize! There is a mask/costume contest! The winner will win beautiful jewelry and a gift certificate from Betsy and Iya.

Live music will flow from the insanely talented fingers of Craig Bidondo.

Tarot readings will be offered by Spiral Ducret. (She might not have a website, but she's been my tarot reader for years and is one of my best friends.)

There are TONS of raffle items: stunning photography custom framed by Greg Bunker, gift certificates for massage from Brooke BrandSmith, yummies at Junior's Cafe and more.

And last but absolutely not least, the MC of the evening is Ronni Lacroute. For those of you outside Portland, she and Willakenzie Estates are huge patrons of the arts, and fluent in French. Oui, oui mon cher, there are delightful French surprises in store. :-)

Now all it needs is you! Reserve tickets here or walk up on the 17th. :-)

In other news, Jungle Book has been playing to sold out houses, which is thrilling. Even more delightful for me, some of our audiences have been special needs - entire performances, specifically for them. Their appreciation has almost been overwhelming. I had one mother of three sensory sensitive children tell me, she used to work in and on theatre a lot but having three special needs children, she didn't have that option anymore; until Northwest Children's Theatre's special performance. Which she jumped on seeing and everyone loved! I received many touching stories just from that one performance, and we've had sooo many performances and have more to go! I love hearing how theatre is touching and transforming lives, it's how I thrive and I am sooo grateful. This is a beautiful journey.

As France will be. :-)

One year ago... - October/November 2014

I was in Dallas at the family reunion that unknowingly instigated the national portion of Suburban Tribe's world tour. This morning, I received a phone call from my mother informing me that Uncle Wally was in a coma and the family is waiting. He's the whole reason the reunion happened; he wanted to see his brother's families one more time and his kids made his wish come true! It is very likely that soon, my mom and aunt will be driving to Dallas. Of course he may wake of his own account after having deep conversations with his beloved dead at this Samhain time, but it's also possible he may join them. Only time will tell.

Most of my updates here are work centric - for obvious reasons, I love my work and that is the crux of my website. However, I feel called to be a bit more reflective, stepping into the Dark half of this year, and grateful. Over a year ago, I recommitted myself to finding more times to put my family, friends and community first. Had I not listened to my inner knowing - I had to be at the family reunion in Dallas - I never would have been inspired to contact Brad McEntire at Audacity Theatre Lab. Nor check in with Dennis at Fusion - I adore their new website, by the way! Nor Grant Knutson and Minion Productions etc, etc... Nor would I have made excellent connections to family I had never met, or hadn't seen since I was 16 and a slightly miserable teenager separated from her first love for the summer.

By putting focus on my family, I ended up also being able to take my and Fuse's work nationally, and then internationally... because I trusted and said "yes" to the gifts the Universe placed in my lap. And shut off my fearful brain worrying about money, because I knew it would all work out. And it did.

There's a conversation happening within my spiritual community; one that dissolves the barriers separating spirit from our day to day lives, and respects individual choice concerning this awareness. The post that sparked this train of thought may be read here.

This energy has many different names, many different faces from spiritual to scientific, and we in the US may not have done ourselves any favors having such strict separations of spirit and everything else - although I understand why it happened and why it was wise at the time. However, I dream of a day where all spiritual beliefs will be respected with ease - whether we agree with them or not - and I dream of a world where we honor our inner knowing - whether that is seen as the Divine, spirits, ancestors, or the brain matter in our bellies.

Right now, I have a lot of friends who are sick. Really, really, sick. Battling cancer in a myriad of forms and intensities, as well as other illnesses, so some of my upcoming performance work will be to support their journeys to health or into the unknown... Trailing Colors will be having a reunion reading in November to celebrate Gretchen and her continued bravery. It will be a one night only thing on a Monday. Specifics will be posted here and on FB when they're known. Heidi just had an AWESOME benefit performance of Romeo & Juliet with a ton of support from Post 5 and OPS Fest and has an ongoing Indiegogo Campaign to offset her massive medical bills. Some of you remember her as my daughter in Kindertransport.

And in the midst of all this, I give thanks for my health, my body - able to dance with teenagers and keep up! Jungle Book dance rehearsals have begun and we will all have quads of steel at the end of this! And I give thanks to all of you who hop over to my website, read, and support the transformative arts.

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, Happy New Year, Feliz Dia de los Muertos.

I love my life. - August 2014

I'm frequently amazed with how much can happen in a few short months! It's now mid August and since last you read through May,

• I helped produce the second annual OUTwright Festival with Fuse Theatre Ensemble as well as performed in Fuse's staged reading of Breeder Killers USA 4EVR; or Kill Koch Industries. The playwright, Seth Tankus, was one of three we were able to bring in for talk backs and panel discussions throughout the festival month of June.

• Performed with Reader's Theatre Rep in their revival of Belle of Waterford, Discovering Teresa Deevy which was part of a lovely, intimate, Irish Festival at Artist's Repertory Theatre

• Recorded a short video testimonial for Berry Media Works, on a camping trip! I *love* being able to work remotely, and record voice and video on my phone! Hopefully, my agent appreciates it too. :-)

• CAMPING! Lots and lots of camping! And most of it paid/working! Woo hoo!!! As many of you know - all of you if you've perused my website - I do more than perform, I'm also a union stagehand with I.A.T.S.E. Local 28 and I have a background in theatre stage management as well as managing night club fashion shows way back in my Chicago days with Lynn Camille Albers I got to put that herstory to excellent use this summer managing the LOL Stage at WTFestival, being a sound tech at the Monkey Place of Oregon Country Fair, and finally getting to a festival that has interested me for a while, Beloved. Many of my friends in the contact improv scene have been going to Beloved for years, and this summer I got to join them dancing! And working as the host/stage manager of the Temple of A.W.E. I hope to be back next summer, because this year was sweetly connected. And over the Full Moon...

Having been traveling for so much of the last 10 months, coming home to Portland is such a delicious and welcome return, now. My roommate, her cats, friends, lovers, bbq's, seeing as much theatre as I can healthfully schmoosh in... Sitting outside with my web designer Kyle drinking coffee at Sound Grounds while the sounds of children's singing entertainment pulses out as we work on updates - there are production photo's from Tribes newly up!

I pause, enjoy a breath, savor a sip, and give thanks.

I even had a decent night's sleep after loading out Tom Petty last night/this morning!

Life is delicious and I am filled with gratitude. Now, to work towards and be open to what's next... ;-)

With Tribes concluding in New Mexico,... - May 2014

I'm looking forward to heading back to Portland and my next performances! Working with Fusion Theatre Company has been a fantastic experience. Professional, fun; Dennis and Jacque brought a talented cast and crew together from across the US. I've been a part of shows where the cast has really clicked. I've been a part of shows where the crew has really clicked. It's rare that cast and crew of a show really click, and Tribes did just this. I hope I'll be working with them again in the near future. I just wish our run was longer! And I like to believe that our at capacity audiences and standing ovations almost every night agree. :-)

Next up, my newest solo piece, I Might Be A Mother, If I Was A Marsupial (the one I just wrote in Bali) will have it's first public appearance May 23 and 24th at the Pocket Theatre in Seattle through Minion Productions. Tickets can be purchased here.

Other surprises in New Mexico: my folks finally getting some media attention for the ongoing troubles they've had with the Jehovah's Witnesses building next door. Channel 13 KRQE News did a story you can watch here and if you feel so inclined you can then 'like' Save Jim's View. Ways to take action, information and contacts are all there. You can also contact Tina Jensen directly thanking her for her ongoing coverage.

I have seen tons of hot air balloons, found some fantastic local breweries, drum meditations, contact improv and a local, organic, fair trade coffee shop in Rio Rancho! Santa Fe at the Lensic Theatre was beautiful, hiking in the arroyo's, on the undeveloped land to the west of my parent's home and up stream beds to get to hot springs has been full of low white flowers and purple wildflowers. The desert in Spring is surprisingly colorful low to the ground.

April has flown by! - April 2014

Rehearsals for Tribes with Fusion Theatre Company [internal link to] are going phenomenally and we're set to open this week! Almost all of our Albuquerque performances are sold out so, get your tickets here SCROLL DOWN TO TRIBES. Lest you get confused and wonder, where are these tickets??? :-)

Or travel to Santa Fe or Taos to see us. Those shows aren't sold out and are much bigger houses. I'm really excited for the Lensic Theatre in Santa's so least from it's pictures, I'll find out next week!

Some of you have heard this before, but, I *love* working on one show at a time and I *love* being back in realism with only one character to nestle into (Ruth)! I appreciate this now so much more than I ever did at the beginning of my career; there's a depth and flow that are delicious. Especially when working with such a stellar team of artists. And interestingly, a lot of us have Chicago connections/history...

In more challenging news, my family is dealing with less than stellar neighbors. We've started a Facebook Page, Save Jim's View. I invite you to check it out, read up, ask questions, "like" the page and if you feel inclined, invite your friends, write a letter or email. Every little bit helps. :-)

And Blessed Beltaine!

And props to my web master Kyle Arthur for keeping me on task for these updates! Sometimes asking for what you need yields getting exactly what has been asked for. :-)

And for fun: I took this on the porch of my parent's straw-bale home.

Back from Bali... - March 2014

and I have had just enough down time in Portland to bring in a new roommate, do some work for the Portland Opera, Blue Man Group, and Disney, be a day player on a SAG low budget horror flick before heading to my next contract in Albuquerque New Mexico!

And I thought March would be all about integrating, getting the condo in order, learning my lines and catching up with friends... Which has all happened along with the surprise bounty of I.A.T.S.E. work. The movie was planned - I filmed my audition from my hotel room in Bali and landed the role.

Next up! For those of you reading in the southwest, I'll be playing Ruth in the Drama Desk Award Winning Tribes by Nina Raine with Fusion Theatre Company. Tickets are already on sale for our Albuquerque shows and they sell out! So if you want them, get them here now. We'll also be performing in Santa Fe and Taos, so there are other options. :-)

I still find it a bit surreal being back... In some ways the time shift is metaphorical for the whole excursion. March 4th was to date, the longest day of my life. An amazing amount of energy and learning was crammed into such a small amount of time in the grand scheme of things, like how I left Denpassar Bali at 4:20 pm on March 4th and arrived in San Francisco at 6:30pm on March 4th...

New Suburban Tribe reviews are in! - February 2014

"Mura is a talented performer, and her characterisations are excellent; she switches between them throughout to great effect. The story itself is both touching and laugh-out-loud funny; there are hilarious anecdotes and moments of real drama."

- Adelaide Theatre Guide

"A one person play, Kate plays all the parts using “commedia dell’arte” style masks to great effect to help create characters. With her wonderful vocalisation, she manages to bring to life characters as diverse as a teenage boy and an old woman. Entertaining, funny and poignant, this is Adelaide Festival worthy fare at Fringe prices – one not to miss if you’re looking for a great theatrical experience from the Fringe."

- Talk Fringe

"This is definitely A MUST catch show if you are going for the Fringe Festival. You wont be disappointed at all! In fact, I’m pretty much confident that everyone who attends Kate’s performance will leave with a warm, fuzzy feeling and the need to do some self contemplation because it certainly made me rethink about my deeds and my relationship and also my attitude towards people, not just from my own circle, but also the people in the community."

- The Penning Girl

Finally some amazing photos by Brett Hartwig from Archie Five Photography

Hello from Bali! - February 2014

My month of specific study with Dell'Arte Abroad: Bali has completed, and now my dance and music studies continue until I head to Adelaide Australia to kick off the Fringe. If you haven't checked out Suburban Tribe World Tour on Facebook, please do. Share the video trailer far and wide, you never know who knows someone in Australia. I'm not going to use space here sharing the dates again, they're out there. :-) When I come back to Bali at the end of Feb - after a KICK ASS Fringe, I hope! - I'll pick my Balinese dance, music and maybe wayang kulit studies back up. I am soooo grateful to the Portland Civic Theatre Guild's Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship for making this possible!

Bali is amazing. It's beautiful and dirty, sunny and rainy, precarious and safe, so much balance... As I type this I'm listening to the night critters which sound like the inspiration for the kecak rhythms we all learned. One of my delightful surprises here has been learning so much music! Kecak classes were a part of our study, and my wayang kulit (shadow puppetry) teacher Pa Mardika taught me some gamelan, as well as the other instruments around his home. One of my favorite parts was studying at his home with all the busy-ness therein. So much of the Balinese skill as performers is amazing focus. One of my new friends described Bali as being full of, 'functional chaos' and it's so true!

For example, we were invited to a house celebration through our topeng teacher. He was dancing the topeng which is part of the blessings necessary for a new home. I had no idea that he would be dancing at the same time as the appropriate wayang kulit, at the same time the high priest was chanting and blessing, at the same time other chanting was happening and women were carrying TONS of offerings around the compound and into the home temple... it was an astonishing cacophony, that most western performers I know would completely balk at. And this is normal. What happens for every home blessing ceremony. Granted, this wasn't a performance, it was a blessing ceremony, but the focus of everyone involved was still amazing. They all knew exactly what they were doing and why and didn't let anything distract them from doing exactly what they needed to be doing. What a powerful lesson...

With that, I leave you with some pictures of my study in Bali courtesy of Yavni.

It's almost the Full Moon... - December 2013

..and I'm relaxing outside of Los Angeles, after having a great private gig for one of my and Fuse Theatre Ensemble's longest supporters, as well as helping out an old and dear friend, Tonya Kay film one of her awesome burlesque gigs with Tease if you Please.

Next up will be New Years Eve, 8:30pm, in Tacoma WA as a part of the First Friday Tacoma Festivities. Details should be up here soon.

And everything is now live and tickets are on sale for SUBURBAN TRIBE at the Adelaide Fringe!!!

If you know anyone in Australia, Adelaide or otherwise, please pass this on! Spread the link - I mean love - around!

In preparation for Adelaide, I'm updating all my promotional materials. Lee Moyer did an amazing job designing a logo and new poster for SUBURBAN TRIBE. Check out his work. Especially, if you still need a holiday gift for someone. He creates an awesome pin up calendar that benefits the Clarion Foundation. You can still order one here.

As I watch the sunset from my friend's balcony, I wonder what awaits me deep in the Pacific as I get ready to study in Bali and perform at the Adelaide Fringe... And am deeply thankful for the time I'm having with some of my best friends and my fairy goddess children. Three is such a delightfully inquisitive age! It's a great reminder of how much I know, and how much I have to learn.

Suburban Tribe Tour Dates:

• Nov 3 Dallas TX 5pm and 7pm at the Margo Jones Theatre
• Nov 14 & 15 Albuquerque NM at the Cell Theatre
• Nov 20-24 New Orleans LA at the Tigermen Den

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...! - November 2013

If the whole month of your birth is supposed to be celebratory, success! The month started off traveling and will keep on traveling.

I hadn't been to Dallas TX since I was 16, and it was a somewhat tenuous family trip (as they can be at that age) so it was great to reconnect with family as an adult. And meet other family for the first time. Adult... it's such an odd word that I only sometimes feel is appropriate... however, I was much different from the somewhat angst-y, missing my first real love, hating the August heat, sixteen year old from my first Dallas visit, so I guess 'adult' works.

The tour I'm in the midst of really has the Taylor Family Reunion to thank. I remembered my great uncle Wally with affection from my first trip; when my mother initially told me that he wanted all his kids and their families and all his siblings kid's families (Wally is the last surviving of his brothers and sister) together, and it was the day after JECKYL & HYDE with Theatre Vertigo opened, I said, "I'll be there!" Then I contacted Audacity Theatre Lab to see if they might be interested in hosting my solo mask show, SUBURBAN TRIBE. I had the great pleasure of helping produce Brad McEntire's CHOP in the Portland Mini Fringe a few years back, so I was delighted when they said, 'yes!' SUBURBAN TRIBE WORLD TOUR kicked off at the Margo Jones Theatre, where the US regional theatre movement began.

From there I followed family back to Albuquerque NM. I try to get down to NM at least twice a year to assist my mom, and have been a great fan of Fusion Theatre Company since I learned of them 3 years ago. Their managing director Dennis and I have been in contact for a while - and had tried to find a way to bring SUBURBAN TRIBE down in it's previous incarnation. We finally succeeded and stop number two on my tour was in the softly intimate Cell Theatre. What a fantastic floor to move on! And their support was absolutely stellar.

From there, we reach where I am currently typing from, New Orleans, Louisiana. I've never been to this city before. The Fringe Festival - which I'm performing in conjuncture with at the Tigermen Den 3113 Royal St at Clouet Nov 21 @ 5pm, Nov 22 @ 7pm, Nov 23 @ 7pm, and Nov 24 @ 9pm. Tickets $8-10 sliding scale.

I wish I was officially part of the fringe - their added publicity in a new city would be a great boon. However, it was well after the official application deadline had passed that my travel south started. Enter, Minion Productions which has been a great support. I have known their founder, Grant Knutson, since I was living in Seattle all those years ago. They have been *great*. I was picked up from the airport, my housing and venue found for me, and introductions made to some fantastic people that I hope will share journeys along the years. And they inspire a fantastic group of west coast folk to come to the NOLA Fringe each year that made for an incredibly warm birthday opening night. They brought me cake! I am deeply grateful for their support and the support Minion Productions inspires.

Next up for SUBURBAN TRIBE WORLD TOUR will be a semi private showing outside LA the week of Dec 5th. If you're in the neighborhood and want to see the show, shoot me an email. I'll give you the specifics.

And friends got engaged, AND I have a new fairy goddess daughter born 2 days before my birthday.

Happy birthday to me, indeed.

What an exciting transition into Fall and it's barely Mabon! - September 2013

My big news is TOUR!!! What started off as a family reunion and a two day showing of Suburban Tribe Nov 14-15 courtesy of Fusion Theatre in Albuquerque, has blossomed into a multiple city tour cumulating in my travel to Bali on the Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship and *fingers crossed* performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia.

Yep Australia.

Because how many times will I just happen to already be in Bali AND have an entire month to travel where the winds (boats and theatre) happen to blow me?

This is a grand adventure and rather spontaneous journey, so if you feel inclined to help support this delightful dream, please do! I have a PayPal account for just this. :-) Support may be given to And if you'd prefer a tax write off, Fuse Theatre Ensemble is happy to oblige. Donate here and make a note that it's for Suburban Tribe. Unless you just want to support Fuse overall, which is awesome as well!

Tour Dates:

• Nov 3 Dallas TX 5pm and 7pm at the Margo Jones Theatre

• Nov 14 & 15 Albuquerque NM at the Cell Theatre

• Nov 20-24 New Orleans LA at the Tigermen Den

Look for times and Dec dates soon! And if you have a theatre, salon, courtyard, school that you'd like to bring my show too, let me know! I'd love to perform for you - and maybe offer a workshop too. Especially as I want to travel up through California to make my flight to Bali on January 5th...

By the Gods, has it really been a year??? - August 2013

Why, might you ask, has it been so long since your site has been updated? Many reasons dear friends, included but not limited to:

• Lots of awesome work

• Travel - including finally getting to the Oregon Country Fair!

• Healing from injury

• My previous web designer falling into a delicious relationship and wanting to focus on the work she is really passionate about (photography & teaching) so needing to let other things go. And I absolutely applaud her doing the work of her Genius! (while healing I read an amazing book, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks that's all about saying yes to living & finding your Genius, instead of letting your fears or others expectations keep you in a realm of Competency or even Greatness. I highly recommend this book).

A few of this year's highlights:

• Remounting Pinocchio with Tears of Joy to tour throughout Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota & South Dakota. Our adventures were full of snow, ice, mountain passes, good friends, amazing hotels, and packed houses. We were literally the rock stars of Rapid City, SD. The house was full in a newly renovated theatre. We were put up in the top floor suites of this beautiful historic hotel, the Hotel Alex Johnson. It was "the end of the world" and we celebrated after the show on the hotel's roof top bar with outdoor firepits, before walking down the small flight of stairs to our suites. Yep, top floor suites! In Missoula MT, we played the Wilma Theatre; Smashing Pumpkins had been there a few weeks before. I sat in every seat in our green room, purposefully. I've sat & performed where Billy Corgan has. AWESOME!!!

• Taking the time to really heal well and deeply from a knee injury. I know, it's a little odd to list a highlight as getting hurt, especially for someone as physically active as I am. However, the Universe works in mysterious ways, and I needed this time to sit, reassess my personal focus, look at where I'm putting my energy and why, and whether my energy expenditures were in balance. And they weren't. Work was getting much too much energy, while friends and spirituality were not getting the love and energy and attention I want them to have. Being able to make healing my full time work continues to have beautiful ripple effects. I was able to allow healing to be my full time work, because of the union. I.A.T.S.E. Local 28 has had my back from the get-go and my care has been excellent.

• Heading to Chicago to reconnect with my Goodman Theatre peeps, see my brand new Fairy Goddess Son and be a part of his naming ceremony, reconnect with dear friends, see some theatre, sing a gig with The Messengers, do some auditions and have an absolutely grand time.

• Creating a new devised piece, (...) with Fuse Theatre Ensemble for Fertile Ground and restructuring our former Gay Pride Reading Series into the OUTwright Theatre Festival which was Fuse's most successful endeavor to date! Packed houses, standing ovations and over 40 artists involved in mounting 5 different performances in 5 days with a dance piece teaser too! I can't wait to head into the woods with them for Midsummer Night's Somnambulism at Bagby Hot Springs, Aug 24-25, 2013.

• And last but certainly not least, I have the deep honor to be the 2013 Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship winner. What does that mean? It means I sent the Portland Civic Theatre Guild an application months ago, proposing to travel to Bali through Dell'Arte Abroad for intensive study of dance and shadow puppetry. This is a highly competitive and coveted award. It's not every day an artist receives $5000 to educate and rejuvenate. On June 10, 2013 at the Drammy Awards, in front of a thousand plus of my peers, to my complete surprise, my name was called as the winner. Words continue to fail at expressing the breath of my appreciation, and my tearful jubilance at feeling all the applause and words of congratulations I continue to receive months later. I am deeply, deeply honored and will dance sacred dances at sacred temples with my Portland theatre family in mind.

Emotional Embodiment - August 2012

Antonin Artaud challenged actors to become "athletes of the emotions."

For six weeks, dare to take up his challenge by intensively exploring how the body expresses and transforms emotional states.

Through a combination of Neutral Mask, Commedia Dell'Arte and the nine Rasa's outlined in The Natyasastra - the Hindu sacred text of dance and drama - participants will explore different methods of physical expressiveness.

TIME/DATE: 9am - noon on Saturday mornings, Aug 25 - Sept 29, 2012
LOCATION: Theatre! Theater! on the Arena Stage 3430 SE Belmont, Portland
COST: $275
Early enrollment discount! $200 paid in full by Aug 1, 2012. Non refundable.

Payment plans, scholarships and barter are available. Email for information.

Drop in rate of $50.

Drop in's on Aug 25 wanting to make a mask, must communicate to Kate Mura no later than Aug 20 and pay a non-refundable materials fee of $15.


• Aug 25 - Neutral mask making and introduction to the Grand Emotions of Commedia Dell'Arte
• Sept 1 - Learning the mask
• Sept 8 - The Grand Emotions and Hungers of Commedia Dell'Arte
• Sept 15 - Introduction of the Rasa's
• Sept 22 - Deepening Rasa exploration
• Sept 29 - How the Rasas and Emotions play. Closing ceremony.

Hello from San Francisco! - September 2011

Yep, San Francisco where I have headed down to audition, see some wonderful friends (including Annaliese Moyer - if you don't know her name, check out my modeling pages!) and enjoy the beginning of SF Fringe. I'll actually be catching JapJAP by Una Aya Osato an old colleague of mine from my CityKids Repertory years. I hope she remembers me!

As You Like It, had a wonderful run. While I was sad to see it end, I flowed into officiating the wedding of two dear friends and received a very special invitation to facilitate neutral mask work for No Man's Land. It is Artist's Repertory Theatre's second show this season, starring Allen Nause, Tim True, William Hurt and Alex Hurt, directed by John Dillon who is the reason one of my favorite teachers, Daniel Stein is in the US! Ahhh... the small world of theatre. It has been a fantastic process so far, opening October 4th and running through November 6th. Tickets and more information can be found on their website,

Fun follow ups! Restless will be hitting a theatre near you this fall! It premieres in LA and NYC starting Sept 16th and then opens up to other markets. Their facebook page seems to be the most up to date information. James VS. Reality is continuing to rack up awards, most recently snagging Best Sci-Fi at Dragon Con. If you order your very own copy, know that it comes with a second DVD full of 4 hours backstage/making of footage.

Happy Summer! - July 2011

As Midsummer rounded this year, I was deep in rehearsals for As You Like It with the Portland Shakespeare Project Your chances to see me sing Amiens are from July 13 - August 7, on the Morrison Stage of Artist's Repertory Theatre, 1515 SW Morrison in Portland OR. Shows are Thurs - Sun at 7:30pm with a 2pm Sunday also. Continuing the classical kick-off I also facilitated a commedia dell'arte intensive for Masque Alfresco's summer company of The Miser. Rage, Joy, Fear and Sorrow were embodied by all.

Before getting to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in NY, Fuse Theatre Ensemble geared up for Pride through staged readings of Things That Are Happening Right Now by Sara Fay Goldman, Dude Ranch by Rusty Tennant, Sonnetscape a work in progress by Fuse, Stop Kiss by Diana Son and finished up the Gay Pride Reading series with Love! Valour! Compassion! by Terrence McNally. I had the pleasure to be in two readings and given the great response by audience and participants, we'll be doing this again next year.

Other fun spring tidbits: the feature Restless I was an extra in, premiered at Cannes Film Festival. My backside is frequently seen in the trailer so hopefully it was enjoyed in France too! James VS. Reality won Best Comedy at the DIY Film Awards, and my solo mask show had a lovely showing in LA for a private salon. Hopefully, I'll be back there performing it soon! And therefore also able to enjoy being Fairy Goddess Mother to one of my best friend's son. So Mote It Be!

At this year's Drammy Awards, 14 shows I worked on were considered for awards, and one I did a lot of prop work on, Lieutenant of Innishmore at Artist's Repertory Theatre, garnished Rusty Tennant - my co-artistic director of Fuse - the award for Best Prop Design. As it was very much an ensemble building effort to create his vision, we are all THRILLED! While other shows I was damn proud of were not recognized, Charlotte Salomon: Life or Theatre and Trailing Colors, I had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends and colleagues.

From Samhain to Ostara is a long time! - March 2011

Where did the Winter go? It fell off, just like my hair did in an AMAZING photo shoot with Annaliese Moyer. As soon as the shots are allowed to go public, I promise I'll share. Think, Elizabethan, knives, castle... Sounds just like me. :-)

• Happy Spring all! This winter has been full of festivals. After finishing work on the Portland Revels and the Nutcracker with Oregon Ballet Theatre, I jumped into creator mode. For Fertile Ground, Portland's premiere new works festival I offered up the beginning of my solo mask show, Suburban Tribe, and helped Fuse Theatre Ensemle create #smarter_than_phones all the while performing Franzisca in Charlotte Salomon: Life or Theatre with Jewish Theatre Collaborative. Thank you to everyone who attended Fertile Ground, saw the shows and bought passes from Fuse's link! You're helping us become a sustainable, salaried ensemble.

• Festival time kept going with the first ever Portland Mini Fringe Festival that Fuse produced, organized and hosted. Six weeks saw 12 performers from all over the US and Canada, master classes, contact improv jams and Fuse original offerings. Suburban Tribe got a wonderful, brief remount with new masks and movement pieces. Now, Suburban Tribe is ready to tour, so if you have a venue - school, university, home, festival, theatre - that's interested, contact me!

• I've also had some nice industrial work as a dentist, call back for Leverage Season 3 and a few other percolating possibilities. :-) I also got to bring in the Spring as co-highpriestess at Portland's Pagan Faire this year. It was a beautiful faire and lovely to be with a group, Sister Spirit, I had little previous experience with.

• Next up, I join the cast of Trailing Colors performing at Headwaters in May, and am in Portland Shakespeare Project's inaugural production, As You Like It as Amiens this summer. Come hear me sing! And head to Albuquerque to help my parents work on the strawbale house. It has begun!

Happy New Year! - November 2010

For those of you who didn't know, I celebrate Samhain as my new year and it was a glorious one!

The first time in many many years I was not working on Halloween. And coming down off of a wonderful run of Sunset Boulevard at Portland Center Stage, having my prop design playfully playing currently at Coho Theatre in Heart Beatings by Mark LaPierre, getting ready for a photo shoot, movie premiere of JAMES VS. REALITY, finishing up workshops for an original puppet piece Witebox with Puppet Lab and the Portland Revels, I deserved a little time to reconnect with my spirituality, remember my ancestors and renew my commitment to community. And remember that community is larger than my theatre world - which is easy for me to forget because I love it so much! And work so much! For which I give LOTS of thanks.

Performance wise I am thrilled to be joining the cast of Charlotte Solomon when it remounts at Disjecta Feb. 2011. I had such an amazing experience working with Jewish Theatre Collaborative on Kindertransport, I can't wait to work with them again. And look out Portland, Fertile Ground Festival is coming! If you're in the Pacific NW or need an excuse to visit, this is the time! 10 days of new works, readings, full lengths, workshops, all over the city. Festival passes are only $50 and they get you into every show once and there are *a lot* of shows. I personally am in 3. My solo mask performance, Suburban Tribe will be showing at Theatre! Theater! Jan. 21, 22, 28, 29 at 8pm and Jan 23, 26 & 30 at 2pm. If you purchase your festival pass from this link -
Fuse gets the entire $50.00! So use this link and pass it on! The festival is going to be amazing, so had on over to Portland!

August 2010

Seems like updates are happening on a quarterly basis, as the last one was three months ago... And I just have to echo myself, what a wonderful three months!

Currently, I am Head of Wardrobe, Hair and Make-up for Long Day's Journey Into Night. Working on this collaboration between Artists Rep (of Portland OR) and the Sydney Theatre Company (of Sydney Australia) has been anything but long. It's a delightful experience, sharing love of sustainable agriculture with Brendon West (head of automation), love of mask with William Hurt and love of Feldenkrais with Robyn Nevin. Everyone, onstage and off in this production make the 3.5 hours of Eugene O'Neill's masterpiece fly by, 8 shows a week. Somehow in the midst of this run, I've submitted a RACC Project Grant for Suburban Tribe, shot a video with Charles Deemer, taught Commedia Intensives through Fuse Theatre Ensemble and was invited into the Northwest Children's Theatre and School classes of Matt Haynes to teach Mask Performance and an Intro to Rasa!

Before nestling in to the Newmark Theatre, I said farewell to my childhood home. My mom blissfully retired in June, they closed on the house in July and I flew out to help pack up the last of their (and my! I had more in the attic than I remembered from December!) items. They gave substantial donations to charitable organizations, we cleaned up, packed a U-Haul and wheelchair van and hit the road to Albuquerque NM. What a trip! The wheelchair van did not like the heat nor speeds faster than 65 mph and told us so. Twice. First we broke down just outside St. Louis. Thankfully, a dear friend, Patrick Durian lives there and works for a hotel! We were comfortably housed and ready to hunker down for a couple days, when a miracle happened.

We broke down on a Saturday late afternoon. AAA was called, but nothing is open on Sunday, so no work could be done until Monday. However, our tow truck driver called his boss, who went into the shop early in the morning on Sunday before presiding over his family's reunion and fixed it! Warning us that it was a quick fix, as there looked to be a lot of potential problems. Which was sadly the case. We enjoyed a side trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder's home - instigated by friend, colleague, RN and pinch driver Jack Wells - made it into Oklahoma and the van decided to die again. This time a more substantial death. Thank you AAA for the excellent service and the Oklahoma traffic patrol. We hadn't been on the side of the road 5 minutes and there was a patrolman behind us asking if we needed help and making sure we had water! His politeness and speed were greatly appreciated and thankfully unneeded. We had plenty of food, liquids and laughter. Some might see this all as an ordeal, but not us! We were cracking jokes, especially about roasting my dad, the whole time.

This time we tucked into a small town west of Tulsa and had some difficult choices to make. Jack and I both had scheduled flights to catch and work to get to. We also had a U-Haul that needed to be unpacked and returned in Albuquerque. To buy a little time, we changed Jack's flight to my flight buying us a day. After the conversations between the mechanic and my mom we held off as long as we could but ultimately had to leave my parents in OK. Thankfully, they were able to hit the road the next day, but I felt really bad they had the last 9 hours on their own - my dad needs a lot of care and Jack did a wonderful job with him.

Once in Albuquerque, we were warmly greeted by my aunt and uncle and AMAZING thunderstorms! They were gorgeous. I can't wait to visit to enjoy them more! After an excellent sleep, we unpacked the U-Haul, had lunch, saw the land where we'll be building strawbale soon and caught the plane home. Before we boarded we got word that my parents were able to hit the road. They made it safely.

If you can believe it, before all this I did hair and make-up on the Broadway tour of Lion King and had a wonderful run performing in Paradise Park with Fuse Theatre Ensemble, directed by Jocelyn Sawyer out of NYC.

I'm getting tired just typing it all! But I'm rarely tired living it.

Oh! And I starred in a film created by Adrian Williams that will be coming out late fall and shown in Frankfurt Germany. We had a creatively intense time shooting at her childhood home - sensing a theme here? - and I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

May 2010

These three months have been jam packed of wonderful, diverse work and experience!

Kindertransport had a magnificent run at Artists Repertory's Alder Street Theatre. It has been a long time since a show I've been in has been of such quality. The whole team, design, production, artistic was a dream to collaborate with and our finished product spoke for itself. I was most touched when Holocaust survivors came up to us saying, "we got it right." Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude - I am not Jewish. I did not loose anyone to Auschwitz or Dachau or Treblinka. I am part German, but have never visited, so the breadth of research I did for Helga was intense. And paid off. Audience asked me if I was in the show and then were surprised at how young I am! Many commented on how perfect my accent was - thank you Mary Mac and Nancy Teichman! I hope the stories in the play and from all the talkbacks resonate for a long long time.

Then into a different vein, my mask making and mask training residency with Patton Middle School was wonderful. Many of my students were even able to see Kindertransport. Our production of The Prince and the Pauper came together in an all too short run. A huge amount of thanks must be given to Emily Ward, who wrote the grant bringing me into her classes and her skill as a teacher. At every turn, I was impressed and surprised by her student's willingness to play, ability to take notes and to retain what they were learning. Going into this, I didn't know how it would work with middle school and with plaster bandage performance masks - lesson learned, line the insides with some sweat absorbing material! I know Prince and the Pauper would not have been successful if Ms. Ward hadn't trained such wonderful students.

Currently, I'm in the midst of acro-tacular rehearsals for Paradise Park. I finally get to perform with my theatre company! We run at Theatre! Theater! 3430 SE Belmont, Portland OR from May 13 - June 12. Sara Fay Goldman and I have been using many of our afternoon hours in partner acrobatics training, climbing over each other like monkeys! Check out Fuse Theatre Ensemble's website to purchase tickets, learn about the show or give a tax deductible donation.

And somewhere in there I found time to travel to NJ to help my parents get their house ready to sell and do wigs for the international tour of Dreamgirls. I'm glad I did because I was surprisingly reunited with a fellow De Paul alum, Ronald Duncan.

January 2010

The numerical new year has started out with a bang! Travels took Kate east, auditioning in NYC, being called back for the Broadway production of HAiR, performing The Peasant’s Bible at a delightful salon and enjoying the incredibly successful Under the Radar Festival. Highlights of her experience included the SITI Company/Martha Grahm collaboration, American Document and Pig Iron’s Workshop: Ordinary/Extraordinary, Entrances and Exits - the wonderful problem of doing nothing in front of an audienceWorkshop: Ordinary/Extraordinary, Entrances and Exits - the wonderful problem of doing nothing in front of an audience. It was great rekindling connections made in Poland this summer at The World As A Place of Truth Festival.

Somehow she also made time to meet up with old friends, new friends and help her family get ready to move and build their dream retirement straw bale home in Albuquerque NM.

Back in Portland she jumped into two incredibly fun shorts in Pulp Diction for the Fertile Ground Festival playing a vampire lesbian in Alba the Vampire, and a ditzy bank robber in Hamlet in Hiding. The sold out audience had a blast!

Shifting to a suburban focus, she’s begun working with Patton Middle School, teaching mask making and mask performance. The cumulation of their collaboration will be shown to the pubic in The Prince and the Pauper, April 23, 24 and 25.

Next up performance wise, is with the Jewish Theatre Collaborative, playing Helga in Kindertransport, at Artist’s Rep 1515 SW Morrison, Feb. 25 – March 21, 2010. Then she’s back performing with her ensemble in Paradise Park at Theatre! Theater! 3430 SE Belmont, May 13 – June 12, 2010.

Also look for Fuse’s upcoming Slap That Bitch a hip hop retelling of Taming of the Shrew, Theatre! Theater! Feb. 18 – March 20, 2010. This tale of power dynamics is bold; who knows who will end up on top!

December 2009

What a wonderful couple months! While performing in The Laramie Project, Hate Crimes Legislation finally passed in Congress and was signed into law by President Obama. It was wonderful to announce this every evening at the curtain speech and have the packed house erupt into applause. For ten years The Laramie Project has been bringing a balanced story of Matthew Shepherd and Laramie WY across the world, bringing light to people's stories and thoughts surrounding homosexuality.

Now she's on to a different politically charged project, Kindertransport with the Jewish Theatre Collaborative. This month rehearsals begin, crafting the story of survival, family and healing. Look for us the end of January.

Then check out Slap That Bitch: a hip hop retelling of Taming of the Shrew. Fuse is currently working on it and rehearsals have been great! As a company member she's attended Viewpoints sessions and can attest that chemistry is flying in all the right ways.

Tech wise Singing Christmas Tree, Ragtime, Kiss and Trans Siberian Orchestra concerts have kept her busy, as well as maintaining wigs for Artist's Rep's Holidazed.

Then there's creating chocolate molds for the soon to open Pastry Girl on SE Stark!

So much fun, so little time. And somewhere in there she had a birthday! Any guesses to her age?

Happy Yule or whatever glorious holiday (or none) that you celebrate!

October 2009

After a wonderful tour with Tears of Joy last season and an amazing European tour this summer - in one short month she visited France, Belgium and Poland, connecting with an in training cultural ambassador from Croatia, performing in an intimate salon in Leuven Belgium and participating in The World as a Place of Truth Festival at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw Poland. She is now happily back home in Portland.

See her onstage in: THE LARAMIE PROJECT through New Century Players Performances Oct. 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, and 31 at 7:30pm, Oct. 18, 25 and 31 at 2pm. She will also be participating in the One Night Only event of THE LARAMIE PROJECT: 10 YEARS LATER, EPILOGUE on Oct. 12 at 7:30pm, Newmark Theatre, PCPA, Portland OR.

Somehow in the past year - while touring! - she helped co-found Fuse Theatre Ensemble. After a fabulous showing at Bumbershoot with our original work, Craft/Craeft/Kraft, we're now creating, Slap That Bitch, a modern hip-hop retelling of Taming of the Shrew. Hip-hop and Shakespeare??? Absolutely! Look for this at Theatre! Theater! early 2010.